Episode 18: The Return of the Return of Pushing The Envelope Podcast (2-1-2014)



Hi....remember Pushing The Envelope?  The radio program version on WHUS / Storrs, CT (http://www.whus.org/listen-live) has continued on, but the rigors of graduate school put the brakes on the podcast. That period of my life has ended and so the return of the podcast.  Any questions, let me know.

Best wishes,


2-1-2014 PTE Playlist

Landler Land      composer: Daniel Goode      Annbling   New World Records (2014) http://www.newworldrecords.org/album.cgi?rm=view&album_id=92396

The Ballad of Sweeney Todd       Lea DeLaria  Play It Cool Warner Bros. (2001) http://www.delariadammit.com

13 Houses   Joe Frawley    13 Houses and The Mermaid Time Released Sound (2012) http://joefrawley.bandcamp.com/album/13-houses-and-the-mermaid

Threefold Vision (three motets for three voices)   composer: Robert Kyl / Ensemble PAN   Unseen Rain     New Albion (1996)               http://www.newalbion.com/NA075/index.htm

Track 2 DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist            Product Placement ONE29 Recordings (2001)

Memories  Material feat. Whitney Houston   One Down O.A.O. (1982)

"Soul Killer" [Remote Control Mix by Terre Thaemlitz]    Material feat. William S. Burroughs         Seven Souls   Virgin (1997)

Ground    Barry Schrader   EAM   Innova (2002)                                                http://www.innova.mu/albums/barry-schrader/eam http://barryschrader.com/