Episode 16: John Cage 100th Birthday PTE Podcast (9-8-12)


Greetings!  Remember me?

While “Pushing The Envelope” has continued with its radio presence, airing on Saturday mornings from 10 – Noon EST on WHUS / Storrs, CT (tune in: http://www.whus.org/listen-live ).  The podcast, on the other hand, has had to take a back seat to grad school.  That being said, it’s not every day we have the opportunity celebrate John Cage’s 100th birthday.



Episode 16: John Cage 100th Birthday PTE Podcast (9-8-12)

  • Dream / A Room         composer: John Cage / piano: Bruce Brubaker           Glass Cage Arabesque Recordings (2000)

  • The Seasons    composer: John Cage / American Composers Orchestra, cond. Dennis Russell Davies            The Seasons    ECM New Series (2000)

  • Five / Songbooks        Singer Pur       Electric Seraphim       KuK (1998)

  • 4'33" - live radio performance            composer: John Cage

  • Suite for Toy Piano     composer: John Cage / toy piano: Stephen Drury                 In A Landscape       Catalyst (1994)

  • Williams Mix (1952)  John Cage        OHM: the early gurus of electronic music Ellipsis Arts (1999)

  • Six (1991)       composer: John Cage / percussion: Glenn Freeman    Three2 / Twenty-Three / Six / Twenty-Six         Ogre Ogress (1999) http://ogreogress.com/

  • One6 A (1990)            composer: John Cage / violin: Christina Fong       ONEviolin            Ogre Ogress (1998) http://ogreogress.com/

  • In A Landscape           composer: John Cage / piano: Margaret Leng Tan Musicworks #52      Musicworks (1992)   http://www.musicworks.ca/

  • Sonatas I - IV for prepared piano        composer: John Cage / prepared piano: Boris Berman            Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano      Naxos (1999) http://www.naxos.com